FITPlan14 includes:  7 or 14 meals a week, and monthly coaching session. We are here to help you develop a healthier lifestyle, by setting attainable goals with you.


Cancer Survivor Program is intended for anyone who is going through or has kicked cancers you know what! We have a certified cancer specialist waiting to help you develop a healthy lifestyle.


Stay together with a common goal of adding focus and concentration to your health goals. We help you develop a program that will best suit your teams needs. We want to help you by providing informational seminars, interactive work shops, and weight loss competitions.


Are you looking to compete in a men’s or women’s body building show? Maybe you just want the body but don’t want to be on stage? We will help you get the best body you have ever had. Our coaches have over 20 years experience in bodybuilding in New England and will be your strongest supporter.