Meet our #Squad


TeamFTN is very proud to serve the community while providing opportunities. Community Navigators is a non-profit organization that works with people that have developmental disabilities. We work closely with the owner Martin Podermanski to develop fitness programs for their participants, and group discussions around healthy lifestyle habits.

The cleanest whey protein around, with 4 or 7 ingredients we share the same beliefs regarding clean eating! Owner Nick Stoop from Maryland has teamed up with TeamFTN. We are very excited to have this whey protein in our flex bites, and lamoofins!

The award for best macros goes to….FLEX BAKERY! The cookies are packed with protein and have a great taste. Owner Lindsay Mongillo out of Wallingford, keeps the gainz coming with new flavors each season. Stop by our Cafe inside Newington and pick up a few protein cookings.

We are working with Preppers Meal Prep and Chevon the owner to bring you a fantastic service and product at the Cafe. Look out for more updates. Order your food now weekly delivery with code: FTN20 for 5% OFF EVERY ORDER!

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