FTN Challenge

FTN Challenge



Starts April 14th Sunday
Ends May 26th Sunday 

Last Chance to enter: April 12th

• 6 Week Macro Meal Plan [ create the vision ] 
• Weekly Personal Goal Setting [ accomplish each small step ]
• Facebook Private Group – Live FB Weekly Discussion [ accountability ]
• 10% discount off your orders for the entire challenge [ bonus!! ]

$50 Entry *plus tax

1st Place Prize: $100 Cash + 3 Free Meals

***If you lose 7% of your start body weight you get your entry fee MONEY BACK!***

How Do You WIN!?!
The BEST body transformation from start weight and images, to final weight and images. The weight loss is only apart of the journey, we want to see the difference. Show us what you got! The best two transformations will win! Don`t forget if you lose 7% of your body weight during this challenge, you will receive your entry fee back!

• Submit weekly photos with FTN sign (#FTN WK __ )
• Submit body photos (front, side, back) every Sunday
• Submit a photo of the scale numbers only 
Send all photos to train@fitandtrimnutrition.com

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