Ordering Meals

Is there a minimum order? Yes, please select as least 3 meals a value of $42 and we will delivery to you in CT. Currently we are looking into shipping options and expect to start shipping gains in mid January.

When do I place my order? Any orders placed before Saturday at 12pm (noon) will be ready for pick up on Tuesday at your selected location or dropped off to your door.

How long do my meals stay fresh after delivery? Meals will remain fresh in the refrigerator for 6 days following delivery.  It is very similar to storing home cooked leftovers in the fridge. If you do want to save the meals to eat at a later date, you can freeze the meals to maintain freshness for up to 40 days following delivery.

What if I have an issue with a meal? Well, we want you to enjoy the meals every time you order. Please email support@fitandtrimnutrition.com or call 860.339.6907 within 24 hours of your delivery date and we will assist you with the issue.

Delivery Service

When do I pick up my order? Tuesday, each pick up location has a specific drop off time, orders must be picked up before the end of the day Wednesday. If you select a home or work delivery, we will drop them off to you on Tuesday at your selected time. If you need a different time of drop off, please send us an email and we will accommodate support@fitandtrimnutrition.com .

Where do I pick up my order? FTN works with businesses in CT for pick up locations. Before you process your order, you will see our delivery locations.

Do I need to bring my own bag? No, we give each first time customer a FREE tote bag, with each order continuing will arrive in a recycled paper bag.

Are the meals frozen? No, the food is prepared then stored in a refrigerator. When the meals arrive to a facility they are placed in the refrigerator on site.

Re-Heat Instructions

Are the meals cook all the way? No, we cook them to 90% completion because we don`t want the food to dry out when you reheat the meal.

How long do I re-heat the meals? Microwave 2 minutes (medium) – 5 minutes (well done).

Do I keep the lid on while re-heating? No, remove the lid before placing in microwave.

Are the containers safe in the oven? No, the meal container and lid are not safe in the oven.


When will I get billed? You will receive a charge on your account once a week on Sunday.

What is the difference between FITPlan and Pick Your Own Membership? FITPlan10 is a 5 or 10 meal plan option with a coaching session built into the price of the membership. This is a once a month session with a nationally certified professional in your area to assist you with your goals. The Pick Your Own option includes 5 or 10 meals delivered weekly with a recurring billing system.

Can I change my order? Yes, you can change your order anytime before 12pm (noon) Sunday for the following week.

Can I freeze my Membership? Yes, you can freeze your membership at any time before Sunday at 12pm (noon).

Questions, comments or concerns please click here for our Support page.