Eating more will make you gain fat weight? Fitness myth BUSTED!

Eating more will make you gain fat weight? Fitness myth BUSTED!

Busted big time, oh yeah! After years of training individuals that live a “normal professional and active lifestyle,” it’s clear that most people do not eat enough.

So why do we think that eating more makes you gain weight? Let’s discuss a typical diet and how eating more will help you achieve your goal body composition.

Rev that engine!

Your energy system is like a car…


  • The body is the shell
    • We want an aerodynamic model
  • Your metabolism is the engine
    • this is how your body breaks down food for energy
  • The food you eat is your fuel

Stay with me here…

  • The engine get tired after 3-4 hours
    • Looking for more food.
  • When you feed the engine with fuel, it runs longer and more efficient!
  • Your kitchen is your gas station.
  • Don`t let your gas station or your engine run on E!

Typical Trends

Everyone’s situation is unique. Regardless of whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or dairy free, this information will help you understand more about how the body works and what it needs to be a successful operating machine. Here are some patterns that clients often fall into that you may experience as well:

  • Clients often eat a small or no breakfast
  • Typically they will eat three meals a day
  • Average at least 5-6 hours between eating meals
  • Drink 2-3  12 oz glasses of water a day, sometimes less

Side Effects: Tired, Fatigued, Random Cramps or Stiff Muscles..etc.

If you can say that you do any of the above on a consistent basis, then you are not setting yourself up for the best opportunity to burn fat and maintain or build muscle.


Feel like a new you after focusing on the 3 core areas to help improve your body composition.

3 Focus Areas

Goal: Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Nutrition. In order to train the body to a build muscle, many things have to go right. You need to be 90% on your meal plan, that’s including weekends. If you have 35 meals scheduled for the week (7 days) you need to have 31-32 meals on point. With three cheat meals a week it seems easy on paper, are you up for the challenge? The level of commitment and determination to say NO increases so get ready for 90%!

Hydration. Increase your car’s efficacy by drinking more water; this helps clean the pipes as I like to say. Water helps prevent constipation, bloating and dehydration. How much water do you need to drink? Click here for a WATER CALCULATOR based off your body weight.

Exercise. Experiencing difficulties while working out? A consistent exercise schedule is a must if you want the body to sustain an energy burning metabolism. If we typically sleep 6-8 hours we have between 16-18 hours of time that we are awake. Say you work 8-10 hours a day; you now have 6-10 hours of free time during the day. After cooking, cleaning and travel time you are still looking at 3-5 hours of free time a day. Only you determine what your priorities are and how much time you invest in each. Find who you are by creating this person with this lifestyle, and you will find the road to a new beginning. Don`t assume you won`t have the time, and create the time and the energy will come with more focus on the key areas: nutrition, hydration, and exercise.


The way you can change your body composition is by setting your metabolism. Everyone has a certain number of calories that are required to operate the body without using muscle tissue for energy (catabolism). This is referred to as Resting Energy Expenditure check out this article from HERE. If you are consuming less than this amount, it is impossible to change your body type. This is why most individuals see a change when they start eating more. If you go from 2-3 meals a day to 5 or 6, you will be able to get out of the catabolic state, rev that engine and start the metabolism.


Become that individual, you have always wanted to be. Find yourself through a balanced approach of improving your mental, spiritual, and physical health. Focus on the areas you need to improve to become a better you!

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